Ixxat Connectivity Solution Products

Ixxat Connectivity Solution Products

– Connectivity solutions for embedded control, energy and automotive testing.

CAN tool box

This is a complete tool set with everything you may need to develop and implement systems with CAN bus. It lets you connect your PC to CAN, or connect your CAN-bus to Bluetooth or Ethernet.

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Solutions for automotive testing

  • Powerful tools and hardware platforms for automotive testing – both, for test benches and vehicles under test.
  • Data communication solutions for automotive applications and test benches.
  • Solutions for automotive test systems

The Embedded Platform forms the basis for many testing and analysis applications – both, with the Automotive Configuration Tool as well as with customer-specific software solutions. For this, the platform offers a wide range of interfaces, e.g. for CAN, FlexRay, LIN, EtherCAT

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Solve Smart Grid communication challenges with IXXAT SG-gateways.

Ixxat SG-gateways for linking energy protocols – used in energy, gas, water and railway power systems – with fieldbus and industrial Ethernet. New IIoT gateways from HMS allow industrial equipment to communicate with smart grids.

All the IXXAT SG-gateways support the communication protocols used in modern smart grid networks, e.g. IEC60870-5-104 and IEC61850. In addition they also include Modbus TCP Client/Server and Modbus RTU Master/Slave functionality. They can also communicate with industrial fieldbus or industrial Ethernet networks such as Profibus, Profinet or any other industrial network thanks to Anybus technology.

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Segger: Debug & Trace Probes

Debug & Trace Probes

– Market Leading Development Tools J-Link and J-Trace PRO

J-Link debug probes with outstanding performance, robustness, and ease of use.
J-Trace PRO for instruction tracing with its streaming trace function that enables unlimited tracing at full clock speed.

J-Trace for Cortex-M is a debug and trace probe designed for Cortex-M cores which includes trace (ETM) support.

Analyze, Verify, and Profile Your Code

  • Real-time streaming trace at full System Clock
  • Tune your application with live code profiling
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements with instruction-level code coverage
  • Isolate and identify hard-to-find code defects with unlimited trace
  • Full J-Link debug functionality

SEGGER J-Links are the most widely used line of debug probes available today. They´ve proven their value for more than 10 years.

  • All popular debuggers and IDEs are supported
  • Cross platform support (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Ultrafast download speed into RAM and flash memory
  • Unlimited breakpoints in flash memory
  • Unique Real-Time Transfer technology (RTT)
  • Multiple CPUs supported—8051, PIC32, RX, ARM7/9/11, Cortex-M/R/A, RISC-V
  • Free software updates
  • Built-in VCOM functionality

Segger: embOS-Safe


– Safety of your products with simplified certification and reduced risk

Safety for all product areas

The real time operating system (RTOS) is the most critical component in many safety critical applications. embOS-Safe can be used to isolated safety critical code, ensuring it can operate without interference with other tasks. This simplifies the certification of your application.

embOS-Safe has been designed specifically for the safety sector, including:

  • industrial – IEC 61508 SIL3
  • medical – IEC 62304 Class C
  • automotive – ISO 26262
  • home appliance applications – IEC 61508 SIL3

Certified RTOS for Functional Safety

RTOS key features: multi-tasking, comprehensive communication, synchronization services and memory protection.

embOS-Safe comes with a certification kit containing all necessary documents, including the comprehensive embOS Safety manual.

Certified according to IEC 61508 SIL3 and IEC 62304 Class C by TÜV Süd, Germany.

Segger: IoT – Smart Embedded Solutions

IoT—Smart Embedded Solutions

– We provide everything to build smart embedded solutions for IoT.

What Is an IoT Device?

First, there is the functional side of the IoT device. This functional part is essentially an embedded system as we have known it for years. Second, IoT devices interact with each other, a server or the cloud. To achieve this, the device needs to find its counterparts; this is supported by protocols such as MQTT. The connection itself is handled via IP or UDP based protocols.

As the environment for the IoT device constantly changes, another security component is its ability to adapt to these changes. This makes it a requirement to allow in-field upgrades.

What can we offer?

We can offer a complete end-to-end solution from Segger that supports the development of IoT devices, an IoT package that covers all areas from development tools to standard firmware components.

Arm Compiler Qualification Kit

Arm Compiler Qualification Kit

– Confidence in Arm Tools, Confidence in Your Systems

Compilers are critically important to safety-related applications as they generate the code that will run on the target system. The Arm® Compiler Qualification Kit targets the safety-related software developer and provides vital information about toolchain operation, recommended usage, and diagnostic capabilities.

Safety Manual

The Safety Manual plays an important role, informing users how to set up and operate the toolchain components of the Arm Compiler toolchain to minimize the chance of undetected safety-related faults.

  • Description of the high level safety-related faults that the components of Arm Compiler can generate.
  • Description of the communication between the tools, which shows how faults might propagate.
  • Mitigation strategies that can be followed to prevent or work-around faults.
  • Identification of specific behavior of toolchain components of Arm Compiler that can be unsafe if used incorrectly.

Test Report

The Test Report provides C language conformance test results, demonstrating that the compiler generates correct output based on ISO C90 and C99 C language conformant input. The Test Report contains:

  • C conformance test results
  • Description of the environment and compiler settings used to generate the test results
  • Explanation of any deviations from a 100% pass-rate

Development Process Document

It is often impractical to travel to the vendor’s site to gain an insight into the development of a toolchain. The Development Process document provides insight into the internal software development process used to produce the compilation toolchain. The Development Process document outlines the following:

  • Procedures for requirements and defect management
  • Procedures for configuration management
  • Traceability between source code commits and defects or requirements
  • Testing strategy and validation procedures
  • Release management procedures

Defect Report

Users don’t generally have visibility of vendor-detected defects due to internal testing or of defects reported by other users of the product. The Defect Report contains a listing of all known safety-related defects found through internal testing and from external defect reports. The Defect Report contains:

  • A description of each issue
  • Conditions necessary for the issue to appear
  • Example code for reproducing the issue
  • How to avoid the issue

TÜV Certified Build Tools

The Arm Compiler 5 is certified by TÜV SÜD, confirming that it fulfils the requirements for development tools classified T3 according to IEC 61508-3. This enables you to apply the Arm Compiler 5 for safety- related development up to SIL3 (IEC 61508) or ASILD (ISO 26262) without further qualification activities when following the recommendations and conditions documented in the Qualification Kit.

Arm Compiler Extended Maintenance

Once the justification argument is made for a particular toolchain, that evidence can be used for future projects, but toolchain obsolescence becomes an issue as most toolchain vendors don’t maintain older versions for more than 1-2 years. The Arm Compiler Extended Maintenance program helps protect your investment by providing long-term maintenance of the toolchain.

Learn more about ARM Compiler Qualification Kit

Security & Penetration testing

Security & Penetration testing

– Nohau helps to identify security risk of the device and detect vulnerabilities early avoiding expensive consequences from attacks.

Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure are on the increase and are a growing concern for both system operators and the device manufacturers who supply equipment to these systems. Attacks on critical infrastructure can severely impact service uptime, data integrity, compliance and even public safety.


Nohau’s Penetration testing service identifies a security risk level existing in embedded software of a device and allows fixing security issues proactively. Nohau’s Service is a rapid, economical appraisal that identifies product security weaknesses and provides direction for further analysis. We offer a service that reveals quickly vulnerabilities in attacker-accessible communications interfaces.


  • Provides evidence for further analysis
    • Supplies direction for areas of greatest concern and justifies budget for further analysis
  • Enhances product security
    • Focuses on addressing most critical weaknesses and reduces need for product recalls
  • Protects brand reputation
    • Reduces the possibility of public vulnerability disclosures



  • Consulting work 7 days depending on project scope
  • An analysis of one device and one firmware/software
  • Report describing the risk status and list of issues found
  • Closeout meeting


  • Executive summary
  • Brief description of assessment
  • Any identified vulnerabilities, areas of weakness and areas of concern. Listing information of issues found
  • Scope for full assessment (as appropriate)


Unlike assessment services from other vendors, our service features work conducted by embedded software domain expert with the most advanced tools. All Nohau assessments are based on technical expertise developed over many years in ICS and security for embedded systems and related tools.

This service may also include or be extended by:

  • Security Architecture Review
  • Security Code Analysis
  • Software development process assessment

An example of what we have done for a large (millions of units in the UK, IoT device for Smart metering) with some non-exhaustive examples is:

Mx-Suite – One Test Tool That Has It All

Mx-Suite – One Test Tool That Has It All

– Mx-Suite™ is simply the most comprehensive platform for automated embedded software verification and validation.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so Mx-Suite uses intuitive graphics to streamline your engineering development efforts. Because of Mx-Suite’s layered architecture, the same tests are reusable at any stage of the development process:
Model-in-the-Loop, Software-in-the-Loop, or Hardware-in-the-Loop.

Easily Meet ISO 26262 Safety Requirements for Test

Mx-Suite incorporates model and structural code coverage tools and requirements traceability to help ensure your tests cover your ASIL requirements. A tool qualification kit is available, approved by TUV SUD for ISO 26262 process requirements.

MX-suite Danlaw

Easy Integration

Mx-Suite connects to most types of test and measurement equipment right out of the box, and Danlaw can quickly customize Mx-Suite to support new interfaces.

Mx-Suite also seamlessly integrates with popular ALM systems such as IBM Rational Doors, Polarion QA, Atlassian Bamboo, and Jenkins.


  • Jumps in at Any Stage of the Process
    Regardless of where you are in development, Mx-Suite can test your implementation so you save time and money by testing early and testing often.
  • Creates Test Summaries That Are Easy to Read
    Reports are formatted using a drill-down approach so managers can see overall test summaries and engineers can find the root symptoms of successful or failed runs.
  • Shows a Picture of Where a Test Failed
    Detailed test reports display failures as a sequence of inputs and outputs over time so there’s no confusion. Data tables and timing charts support detailed analysis by your development team.

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Lattix – Reengineer and Optimize your Software


Lattix – Reengineer and Optimize your Software

– The Lattix Enterprise Suite is a collection of desktop and web applications, command line utilities, and a web-based repository that will empower your development teams.

Architects and developers can analyze your code to discover the architecture, identify problematic dependencies, and reengineer the code to improve modularity and reduce technical debt.

Rules can be created to ensure that architectural violations are identified immediately, preventing erosion of the architecture. The web-based repository provides visibility to your extended team and allows local and remote teams to collaborate from anywhere in the world.

The end result is superior quality, improved maintainability, enhanced reliability, and increased productivity.

Read more about Lattix Architect and Lattix Web.

Lattix Architect for developers and architects

  • Visualize
  • Discover
  • Optimize
  • Contol
  • Eliminate architecture erosion

Lattix Web for managers and teams

  • Communicate and collaborate

Nohau Platform: EDGE AI

Nohau Platform: EDGE AI

– Nohau tarjoaa sertifiointivalmiin ohjelmistoalustan ja prosessin mukaiset kehitystyövälineet. Meidän avulla saatte tuotteen nopeammin markkinoille, pienemmällä riskillä ja kustannuksilla. Nohaulla on yli 35 vuoden kokemus vaativista sulautetuista järjestelmistä.

Haasteena koneoppiminen

Koneoppiminen yleistyy monissa kulkuneuvoissa kuten työkoneissa ja laivoissa. Koneoppimisen tehtävänä on tunnistaa erityyppisiä kohteita ja tehdä paikallisesti päätös koneen ohjauksesta kuten kohteiden väistämisestä. Päätöksen pitää usein tapahtua reaaliaikaisesti paikalliseen sensoritietoon perustuen ilman verkkoyhteyden takana olevia palveluita. Ohjauksen pitää toimia turvallisesti, ettei liikkuva kone vahingoita ihmisiä tai muuta ympäristöä. Koneoppimisen lisäksi tarvitaan determinististä sertifioinnin täyttävää ohjausta.


Nohau EDGE AI alusta tarjoaa luotettavan ratkaisun, jolla turvatoiminnot ja koneoppiminen voidaan toteuttaa samalle moniydinprosessorille. Lisäksi alusta varmistaa kyberturvallisuuden. Autamme arkkitehtuurin ja prosessin määrittelyssä sopivan turvatason saavuttamiseksi ja toimitamme tarvittavat dokumentaatiot sertifiointia varten. Sovitamme ohjelmistokomponentit ja kehitysprosessin työvälineet valitulle prosessorille. Mukaan kuuluu käyttöönottokoulutus, jolla varmistetaan projektille nopea aloitus.

Edge AI

Esimerkki: autonominen laiva

Nohau EDGE AI alusta mahdollistaa syvän koneoppimisen, joka on paras menetelmä liikkuvan kuvan tunnistuksessa. Kameran lisäksi tietoa kerätään mm. tutkilla, sää- ja inertia-antureilla, joilla muodostetaan konteksti ja tietoisuus ympäristöstä (Situational Awareness, SA). Tekoäly opetetaan tunnistamaan kohteita, jonka jälkeen se pystyy itsenäisesti ohjaamaan laivaa. Tarvittaessa laiva voi pyytää etäohjausta kyberturvallisen yhteyden kautta. Turvatoiminnot toimivat itsenäisesti ja yliajavat muut ohjausvaihtoehdot, mikäli raja-arvot ylittyvät. Alusta täyttää reaaliaikavaatimukset mm. nopeaan moottoriohjaukseen, joita laivan ohjaamisessa tarvitaan. Toimintalohkot ovat toisistaan eristettyjä ja niiden välinen resursointi ja viestintä on hypervisor-teknologian hallinnassa.

Miksi Nohau?

Nohaun vahvuus on sulautetun ohjelmiston, kehitysmenetelmien ja teknologian tuntemus. Käytämme valmiita hyväksyttyjä komponentteja, joilla takaamme nopean projektin läpiviennin ja korkean laadun. Nohaulla ja kumppaneillamme on useita sulautetun ohjelmiston asiantuntijoita toiminnallisen turvallisuuden ja kyberturvallisuuden alueilta.

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