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SYSGO & Vector: Joined forces for a future oriented software platform

An integrated software platform consisting of the AUTOSAR Adaptive basic software MICROSAR and the real-time operating system PikeOS.


Why is Lauterbach your favorite tool?

The way that Lauterbach handles tracedata is exceptional and I can't say there is any better tool to find bugs with.


Finding Bugs is Only the Beginning

CodeSonar discovers and explains software defects and provides code understanding capabilities that assist with investigation of defects.


Now IoT-devices also manage security certificates

Floodgate IoT Security Toolkit - data sheet from Icon Labs


Lauterbach PIL Simulation with TRACE32

Lauterbach has provided its Simulink plug-in for PIL (Processor-in-the-Loop) simulation. With this new plug-in, the modeling environment can


PCAN-Explorer 6 – New Version

A new version of PCAN-Explorer, a program for observation, control, and simulation of CAN busses, has been released with CAN FD, trace playback and

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