3 simple ways to prevent software architecture erosion with Lattix


Webinar: June 19th at 15:00-16:00 (Swedish time)

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Mikael Johnsson
phone: 040-59 22 01

LattixLattix products protect design patterns from degradation. A lack of understanding of architectural decision and design patterns by developers contributes to architectural erosion over time. And a lack of visibility into the implementation prevents objective assessment of architecture state versus intended design.

Lattix products give you a fast and visual way to represent an application’s architecture. In this webinar, you learn how to:

  • Check your architecture for bad dependencies and cycles
  • Understand the impact of changes
  • Use feedback loops to determine if the code is compliant with the architecturelattix area

Presenter: Sean Barow, Director of Sales and Marketing at Lattix.
He has a degree in Computer Engineering and have written a number of articles on Architectural Erosion, Software Architecture and Software Design Rules which can be found here: http://lattix.com/blog

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