WEBINAR 1 – Deep Static Analysis Everywhere


May 10th at. 10:30-11:15 CEST

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Joakim Nilsson
+46 (0) 40 59 22 08

Transferring the lessons learned from safety and security critical software to other software domains

Cyber security risks have become a cause of constant headache for most companies, and possible repercussions of an attack in an IoT context adds even further to the challenges faced by IT security teams. Previously disconnected, safety and security critical embedded software controlling the physical world suddenly becomes part of the connected ecosystem where other applications can interact with it.

Static analysis is a recognized best practice to significantly reduce software defects and vulnerabilities, but are all static analyzers equal? Which one should you choose to best protect your specific environment? How can you compare and evaluate them? Where in the SDLC can these tools best be employed?

During this webinar we will shed light on these themes, and illustrate some real-life examples of risk scenarios and how to mitigate them.

Speakers: Julia Soft


Pietro Ferrara (PhD)

Pietro Ferrara is the Head of Research and Development at JuliaSoft. He is responsible for leading the R&D team designing and implementing new analyses and making them work on large, complex, real life software. A career dedicated to studying and applying static analysis techniques both in industrial and academic contexts, Pietro’s previous experiences include posts at IBM T.J. Watson Center in NY, Microsoft Research in Redmond and ETH in Zurich. He holds a PhD in Computer Science at Ecole Polytechnique of Paris with more than 40 scientific publications in the field of static analysis based on Abstract Interpretation.

Sanna Kallio

Sanna Kallio is responsible for International Business Development at JuliaSoft. MSc in Economics, with a passion for technology, she has 20 years’ experience in business consulting and turning the results of research and innovation into concrete solutions and bringing them to the markets.

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