Management Info – Introducing the Cyber Pain Points (ISO/SAE 21434 & UN ECE R155)

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ISO/SAE 21434 & UN ECE R155 Management Info – Introducing the Cyber Pain Points

Course description

In a short and digestible manner, we teach your management the new standard and legislation, along with their consequences and pain points. The training targets management with limited or no prior knowledge of the standard and regulation, or even cybersecurity as a topic – but who are affected or responsible for compliance with new regulations and standards.

Course duration: 2h

In this course you will… 

  • Get information about why the legislation has gone live now.
  • Get a high-level understanding of what is included in the legislation and standard.
  • Learn about which chapters of the legislation and standard are most challenging to deal with.
  • Get proposals, ideas, as well as tips and tricks on handling the different chapters of the standard and legislation – what to focus on, where to cut corners, and how to optimize for efficiency
  • Learn about the type-approval and standard certification processes.
    • What questions will the auditors ask?
    • What will they do?
  • Get an opportunity to have a QA with our cyber expert and ask all the cybersecurity questions you have always wanted to ask.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding 

  • Abilities to understand how and the reasons for why the legislation is coming into effect now.
  • Abilities to understand what is demanded by the legislation/standard.
  • Abilities to broadly understand what the pain points of the legislation/standard are.
  • Abilities to simplify and improve your implementation of the standard
  • Abilities to understand what changes are necessary to ensure product compliance to the legislation
  • Abilities to describe how the type-approval and standard certification process works.
  • Abilities to understand what is necessary to maintain compliance over time.


Applying and creating  

  • Abilities to apply tips and tricks to minimize the pain.
  • Abilities to successfully proceed in your organization’s compliance journey.


Analyzing and evaluating  

  • Ability to compare and identify similarities between ISO 21434 and other similar standards.


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