About Nohau

– The best technologies for safe and secure embedded software development

Nohau Solutions AB was founded in Sweden 1981, and has been supplying professional development solutions to Europe’s embedded industry ever since.


Nohau has helped over 2000 organizations find a solution that reduces the costs and increases the quality in software development and testing. It could be a new tailored solution for the full development cycle from specification to test, or a specific solution that complements their existing environment.

Much of our customers focus is on not only the functionality of their products, but also on the quality, safety and security of them. This is our area of expertise.


We are, as an independent vendor, committed to provide the best technologies combined with services for installation and configuration of your new system. We realize that much power is lost due to inadequate training of users, and hence, we will help teams to reduce the threshold of new technologies by providing efficient training.

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