Embedded Security – Cyber Security

Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Attack with Protection Products & Services that address the specialized needs of Critical Infrastructure Environments. We can access your product from code level to deliverable system.

Rugged Tooling

Rugged Tooling create high-precision tools for IP network and cybersecurity monitoring, validation and testing.

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Sysgo PikeOS

Hypervisor RTOS for cyber-secure applications.

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Crypto & Security

SEGGER’s cryptographic and security libraries have been built from the ground up for embedded systems.

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Achilles Test Platform

Robustness test your internet connected device with the Achilles test suites.

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Embedded Development & Debugging

Writing Secure C/C++ code

Next course: 14th-16th September 2022
3 days online course, 6 hours per day
The course on 7.-9th June 2022 is fully booked

Software Quality & Test

Python for Test Automation

Next course: 6th-9th September 2022
4 days online course, 6 hours per day.
The course on 7.-10th June 2022 is fully booked

Software Quality & Test

Test-Driven Development and Unit Testing

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