automated coding standards compliances

C/C++ Static Analysis to Accelerate Standards Compliance & Quality Insights

Through static code analysis with QA-MISRA, dangerous structures as well as problems with security, maintenance and porting can easily be found at an early stage. The earlier software errors are identified and eliminated in the development process, the more your costs are reduced. QA-MISRA checks for over 900 potential software errors in source code.

Fast Analysis of C/C++ Code
QA-MISRA analyses software packages very quickly, regardless of the size of the codebase. QA-MISRA also focuses on coding standards compliance and code quality insights. This makes the analyzer very quick to run.

Accurate standards compliance
QA-MISRA checks code for compliance with zero false negatives and zero false positives on syntactic coding rules, and low false-positive results on semantic rules.

Improve source code quality
HIS and other code quality metrics with threshold checks. Call graphs and C++ class template diagrams visualise code  quality.

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