Rugged Tooling create high-precision tools for IP network and cybersecurity monitoring, validation and testing. Rugged Tooling aims to improve the overall security, robustness, and quality of IP based services.

Network emulation tool Rude

The Rude tool emulates any live network challenge in the lab. It offers extreme accuracy, repeatability and a byte-level control of the traffic. You can use it to create pre-planned, time-varying scenarios.

Create exactly the testing scenario you need

Rude allows you to target the deviations selectively. Its filtering function allows you to choose the exact traffic and the very byte you want to deviate. You can create rules for how to deviate the traffic. This means you can simultaneously add packet drop to all UDP traffic and add fragmentation to all traffic from a specific IP address.

Select the device for your needs

The Rude deviation emulator has an easy-to-use GUI and it is also fully compatible with test automation systems.

IP traffic generator Ruge

The Ruge IP traffic generator acts as a traffic source to provide heavy traffic loads, emulated cyber attacks, and malicious traffic for negative testing. With the Ruge, it is possible to create exactly the traffic scenario you need with full bit-level control of the traffic. The tools are used in labs around the globe to ensure the capacity and security of IP networks and services.

Ruge features

  • Creating traffic either from scratch or from a pre-recorded data capture
  • Creating stateless or stateful traffic
  • DDoS attack library
  • Negative testing with out-of-spec traffic

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