– Application Delivery and Testing.

Competing in a global marketplace demands innovative applications that meet customer expectations anytime, anywhere. Greater agility is required as software teams rapidly adapt to the volume and velocity of evolving business requirements. Micro Focus Application Delivery and Testing solutions improve communication and collaboration between business, test, and development teams for continuous delivery of a superior user journey.

Some of the solutions within the Application Delivery and Testing area are:

Requirements Management

Micro Focus Atlas simplifies agile requirements capture, management, and tracking so teams can respond with agility to shifting business priorities and customer expectations.

Caliber is a complete requirements solution which ensures compliance and alignment of development to your business needs.

Change Management

Starteam delivers changes across multiple ALM repositories and tools, as the single source of truth. It’s an enterprise change management system, serving both centralized and geographically distributed development teams, helping them achieve their highest level of software delivery.

Testing Solutions

The Silk Portfolio helps test teams accelerate delivery of applications that perform and function consistently anytime, anywhere, on their customer’s devices and platforms of choice.

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