Cantata Hybrid – Bringing Unique Safety Standards Compliance for GoogleTest Suites

Cantata Hybrid enables the execution of tests by utilizing non-Cantata test suites, such as GoogleTest® and GoogleMock®, as input sources. This capability allows the generation of Cantata test results evidence, seamlessly combined with code coverage data obtained from a certified unit test tool to comply with all major safety-critical standards.

This specialized subset of Cantata is a cost-effective alternative that allows developers to run existing GoogleTest suites to generate test results evidence and code coverage from a certified unit test tool.

Key features of Cantata Hybrid include:

  • Certified for ISO 26262, DO-178C/DO-330, IEC 61508 and other safety standards
  • No need to rewrite tests or learn new tools
  • Tests run on host/target with coverage up to MC/DC level
  • Cost-effective alternative to expensive tool qualification
  • Integrates with other QA Systems certified static and dynamic testing tools

Cantata Hybrid bridges the gap between open-source testing and safety-critical software development, enabling you to achieve functional safety compliance with your existing Google test.

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