Embedded Linux Essentials

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Lena Bernhardsson
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This is an intensive course for kick-starting development of embedded Linux systems. It is targeted to those that have little or no prior knowledge of embedded Linux.

The course is divided into three main categories:

  1. Introduction to embedded Linux
  2. Building embedded Linux systems
  3. Linux driver development

The first section covers topics like: Platform architecture (boot loader, kernel, root file system, services), system operation details (such as: startup procedure, busybox, C-libraries,  file systems suited for embedding, flash disk considerations, …) and open source licenses.

The second part is an introduction to the Yocto Project including topics as: bitbake principles and operation, recipes, variables, operators, layers, SDK’s and how to build images for a specific target.

The final section is an introduction to Linux driver development including: kernel configuration and building, kernel architecture, driver classes, driver debugging, exchanging data with user space, file operations, memory management, blocking/non-blocking operation.

You will practice skills through the following exercises:

  • Setup and install the SDK-environment
  • Build target images with the SDK
  • Add package to the target image
  • Cross-compile the kernel
  • Build a simple driver
  • Develop a a basic character device driver
  • Implement blocking read/writeThe exercises will be executed in a cloud environment, but the course will provide all details on how to re-create an identical build machine on a computer of your own.

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