Python for Test Automation

Python for Test Automation

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3 day course
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Python for Test Automation (Course 2)


This Python for Test Automation course is for software professionals who want to learn how to write automated tests for their Python code. It is designed for developers, testers, and QA engineers who are responsible for creating and maintaining automated test suites using Python.

Some experience with Python programming is required (consider our Introduction to Python course).

Throughout the course, you will learn how to design and implement automated tests for Python applications using a variety of tools and techniques. You will learn how to write unit tests and integration tests, as well as how to use test runners and test frameworks. You will also learn how to use code coverage tools to measure the quality of your test suite.

By the end of the course, you should have a solid understanding of how to write and maintain automated tests using Python, and be able to use this knowledge to improve the reliability and quality of your software.

Training Format

Format: Instructor-led online training
Duration: 18 hours, delivered in 3 days

Course Overview

  • Setting up a Python development environment
  • Overview of Python language features
  • Python Standard Library
  • The Most Popular Python third-party libraries
  • Python Test Frameworks:
    • Unit Testing (pytest)
    • Property-Based Testing (hypothesis)
    • Mutation Testing (cosmic-ray, mutmut)
    • Behavior Driven Testing (behave)
    • Keyword & Data Driven Testing (Robot Framework)

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Please see our INTRODUCTION TO THE PYTHON LANGUAGE (COURSE 1) for anyone who wants to learn Python!

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