CodeSonar V8.1 -CodeSonar language coverage now includes Kotlin, Python, Go, Rust, JavaScript, and TypeScript

CodeSecure announced a major new release for CodeSonar. CodeSonar 8.1 extends a developer centric approach for product security to include language support for Kotlin, Python, Go, Rust, JavaScript, and TypeScript. In addition to C/C++, Java and C#, CodeSonar now includes the emerging security centric embedded languages as well as modern web centric languages to cover end-to-end application development all under one SAST application. Numerous high profile product exploits have driven significant changes in how product development teams approach securing their code.

These DevSecOps trends include:

  • Making SAST a developer-centric solution to address security upfront
  • While minimizing disruption to the workflow
  • Managing geographically dispersed development teams
  • Single SAST platform solution for consistent metrics, reporting, and vulnerability management

This evolution enables developers to leverage CodeSonar’s advanced analysis capabilities across a diverse range of projects and technologies.

Operating Systems: Whether you’re developing for Windows, Linux, a real time operating system, or bare metal Better phrase than bare metal? CodeSonar ensures compatibility across various platforms.

Compilers: CodeSonar supports more than 90 compilers, including clang, GCC, Microsoft, IAR, Tasking, QNX, WindRiver. CodeSonar adapts to the language of your choice, providing comprehensive analysis in C/C++, Java, C#, Kotlin, Python, Go, Rust, JavaScript, and TypeScript.

Checkers: With hundreds of built-in checkers, CodeSonar examines code for potential vulnerabilities, coding errors, and compliance violations. From memory leaks to buffer overflows, CodeSonar’s advanced static analysis capabilities help identify issues early in the development cycle, saving time and resources in the long run. Whether you prefer cloud-based solutions or on-premises deployment, or fully air-gapped environments, CodeSonar offers flexible host platform options to suit your needs.

Integrations: CodeSonar seamlessly integrates with popular development products and CI/CD pipelines, streamlining the code review and deployment process. From IDE plugins to Jenkins GitHub and GitLab integrations, CodeSonar fits seamlessly into your existing toolchain, enhancing developer productivity and collaboration.

Coding Standards: CodeSonar helps organizations adhere to regulatory requirements such as MISRA, CERT, and CWE, ensuring code quality and security at every stage of the development lifecycle.

Deployment Models: Support for on-premises deployment for enhanced control and security or a cloud-based solution for scalability and accessibility,

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