TRACE32® supports PikeOS for MPU

Lauterbach, the world’s leading supplier of debug tools, and SYSGO, the leading European provider of real-time operating systems for critical embedded applications, are pleased to announce the support of SYSGO’s brand new product, PikeOS for MPU, within Lauterbach’s TRACE32 debug environment. The support includes debugging and tracing PikeOS for MPU applications as well as combined debugging of MMU and MPU based systems.

Lauterbach and SYSGO enjoy a long-standing cooperation with TRACE32 supporting PikeOS for more than 15 years. The PikeOS awareness has always provided easy access to PikeOS objects, such as partitions, tasks and threads. TRACE32 gives the user concurrent access to all partitions and tasks. Developers can view variables and set breakpoints on any task (or several of them) at any time, whether the task is currently active or not. As a result, developers using PikeOS for MPU are now able to debug their applications and systems on TRACE32 just the same way as they are used to do it with the classic PikeOS. This also includes tracing the system as a whole, covering all partitions and tasks. Using the sampled trace, TRACE32 can create comprehensive performance analysis and code coverage metrics.

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